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What do Bedbugs look like?

bedbug feeding 300x206 What do Bedbugs look like?

Bedbug Feeding

Bedbug on Mattress 300x216 What do Bedbugs look like?bedbug 300x197 What do Bedbugs look like?

Bedbugs have been around as long as mankind – probably longer. They have only recently become a problem again due to increased travel and resistances to pesticides. Previously, bedbugs were a problem during World War II as soldiers traveled worldwide and slept in conditions encouraging the growth of bedbugs. As they moved around the problem spread. The development of DDT a long lasting and low human toxicity pesticide greatly reduced the problem. As bedbugs had long term exposure to DDT, they eventually developed resistance to it. Eventually, DDT bird wildlife concerns expressed in Rachael Carlson’s book “Silent Spring” caused the banning of DDT in most advanced economies. DDT continued to be used in third world countries as is was the only cheap alternative. As a result, endemic local populations developed resistance to DDT and whatever other pesticides were available to them. Until worldwide travel became common – resistant populations of bedbugs were not a problem. Now with third world travel becoming common, travelers are bring resistant bedbugs home in their luggage. Current licensed pesticides have short toxicity periods and are best used as a contact killer. Bedbugs are becoming resistant to these as well. Few new pesticides for domestic use have been developed.

If you think you may have bedbugs, act fact as the problem can get very expensive.

Physical control methods are the new alternative. No chemicals no resistance.

bedbugs new york What do Bedbugs look like?

Several Bedbugs

finger1 260x300 What do Bedbugs look like?

Not dealing with bedbugs as soon as they are found can be expensive.

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