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Tap Water Made Safe to Drink With Natural Diatomaceous Earth Filtration

diatomaceous earth water 300x198 Tap Water Made Safe to Drink With Natural Diatomaceous Earth FiltrationDid you know that household tap water was made safe for drinking by allowing it to pass through a filtration system made of Diatomaceous Earth elements?  That’s right! Your home water is made safe that way.  Hard to imagine how these microscopic amorphous shell remains of aquatic plants could contribute to our modern society today, but it did help us in our daily living.  Diatomites are mined as siliceous minerals in a form of soil or sedimentary rock and they’re great at filtering impurities in water supply.

de filters 300x240 Tap Water Made Safe to Drink With Natural Diatomaceous Earth FiltrationThe effective use of Diatomaceous Earth in filtration systems of many industrial applications has been practiced for over 70 years. One such application is in cleaning municipal water supplies.  DE filters prove very successful in screening microscopic particles and impurities such as asbestos, algae, and bacteria from drinking water, it has been considered as one of the most viable methods of water purification.

It all started during World War II when US troops needed clean water for drinking and sanitation in their camps and in the battlefield.  It had been found that DE successfully filtered dirt, bacteria, and fungus contaminating the water supply.  From then on, it became official method of water purification approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The standardization of water filtration embodied by Surface Water Treatment Rule helped small cities and towns benefit from a cleaner and safer water supply.  DE filtration technology was implemented in municipal waters as early as 1948.  During those times there were over 200 industrial plants using the same technique of purifying their water.

Diatomaceous earth water filter1 300x235 Tap Water Made Safe to Drink With Natural Diatomaceous Earth FiltrationOne advantage of using Diatomaceous Earth filtration in drinking water supply is its effectiveness in simplicity.  It is fully capable to stand and work alone not needing any chemical additive to succeed in filtration.  Its success can fully meet standards and guidelines set by the government.   DE filtered water is odourless, tasteless, and chemically inert.  Contrary to the popular mindset that bottled water is cleaner as generally purported by the bottled water industry, DE filtered tap water is as clean as it can get.  Having this in mind will help save double expense on the same commodity.

diatomaceous earth filter Tap Water Made Safe to Drink With Natural Diatomaceous Earth FiltrationThe Diatomaceous Earth filtration system works in two ways.  The two types of filtration are pressure and vacuum.  Pressure type of filtration works on the water intake of the filtration process, where water pressure is high due to accelerated pumping action inside water tight pressure vessels.  The benefits of processing this way are as follows: providing a higher flow rate, diminished risk of gas bubble formations, and a longer filter life.  Vacuum type, however, functions at the exit point or on the outflow of the filtration machinery and is exposed to the air.  The latter type of DE filtration system is opted by many established facilities because it is easier to maintain with its open type assembly plus the cost involved is much lesser, a perfect suit to a time of financial scarcity.

It is truly remarkable to have this kind of resource in our planet.  Mother Nature has provided us a sustainable way to acquire as much clean water as we can get without resorting to use unnatural and synthetic additives that may readily harm the environment especially us.

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