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How to Check Your Bed for Bedbugs

Do you have unintended roommates?  Where you sleep may also be home to bedbugs. bedbug seam mattress 300x159 How to Check Your Bed for Bedbugs

If you suspect that you may have bedbugs, your bedroom is the best place to start your bed bug inspection. Your bed is ground zero if you have bed bugs. Even the cleanest homes can have them.

Gently inspect your mattress. Gently, because if you have bedbugs, moving slowly will not agitate them as much and you may have a chance to vacuum the bedbugs up.

Do a thorough inspection on the seams and folds of your mattress. Look for adult bedbugs – about the size of apple seeds – and the light-dark brown droppings and light brown cast skins of the nymphs.

Rips and tears in your mattress provide lots of hiding spaces for bedbugs. Remember that bedbugs are normally only active in the early hours of the morning (2–4 am) so the rest of the time the bedbugs look for good places to hide that are close to their next evening meal – you. Generally bedbugs don’t hide on the top of your mattress – too exposed. Bedbugs prefer to hide under the mattress, in the many hiding spots of the box spring and in cracks of the bed frame. They like to rest close to their next meal.

Your box spring is a big target for bedbugs. Turn it over and remove the gauze fabric to gain access for inspection and possible treatment. Use a flashlight a vacuum to inspect. The wooden frame of the box spring is a preferred bedbug residence and is the most likely place you will find them.

bedbugs on mattress1 300x227 How to Check Your Bed for BedbugsWith the bed taken apart, it is important that you give it a good vacuum before you treat and put it back together. The bedbug eggs are well hidden and even a strong vacuum is not likely to dislodge all of them from their hiding spots. Be sure to immediately dispose of the vacuum contents in a sealed trash bag.

You might want change your clothes as bedbug eggs are sticky and you can spread them around. Wash all clothes in hot water using a borax based soap. Dry using high heat for 10 minutes longer. Add a little diatomaceous earth to your dry clothes & closet.

After cleaning – apply diatomaceous earth blend (available in our store) with a paintbrush to your box spring, bed frame, and mattress. Check out these videos for more information.