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Man’s Best Friend Now Commissioned at Sniffing Bedbugs

bedbug detection Man’s Best Friend Now Commissioned at Sniffing BedbugsMan’s best friend has a new fight!  Not with drugs…or bombs…or fugitives on-the-lose…but with BEDBUGS!

Today’s highly trained experts in the field of pest control can search and destroy bedbugs with the accuracy of detection at 30% rate.  The search procedure would include stripping down walls, frames, baseboards, and carpets; overturning drawers, chairs, and tables; and taking apart beds and room furnitures just so a smallest cluster of bedbug infestation activity can be found.  Dogs, on the other hand, have a keen sense of smell, with their highly developed olfactory receptors; they are capable of sniffing odors thousands of times better than humans.  Dogs can be trained to sniff bedbugs with 98% accuracy without disturbing the order of your room or entire house for that matter.  Upon detection, dogs can alert you for bedbug presence so that control measures may be started.

Conventional search and detection usually take laborious hours of rummage, but certified bedbug dogs will finish the search job in a little under two minutes for average hotel rooms – far more efficient than its human counterpart.  As a result of this benefit, we can see dogs being commissioned in the military and law enforcement; now, they have a new mission to accomplish with their excellent sense of smell, and that is to hunt bedbug infestation.  It may be true that there is no out-and-out bedbug detection to date, but the closest so far holds a record unsurpassed by anything invented or conceived and it belonged to our four legged canine friends.  The 98% detection accuracy is a huge leap forward in the hunt for bedbugs with only 2% margin of error, a margin that many pest control centers are aiming to perfect.

If the FBI trust the canines to help them detect drugs and bombs; If the search and rescue teams use the dogs in their search for victims buried deep under piles of rubbles; or search the lost, wounded, dead, or even a man in a boat adrift for miles and miles; would a tiny critter escape the super-sense-smell and possibly avoid being detected?

bedbug dog detection Man’s Best Friend Now Commissioned at Sniffing BedbugsCurrently, new techniques and methods of bedbug detection and annihilation are being developed.  The introduction of canine sniffers has been proven to be the leading method of detection.  Any dog, no matter how ordinary, has the ability to sense well beyond human range, whether in taste, smell, or sound.  How many times you’ve observed your dog pulling and stopping to sniff at some spots on the ground? And when you turn your gaze, there’s nothing there but a clear pavement.  Implement this reasoning to a greater extent and train that dog to listen, sniff, taste and search for the source of the target object.

Trained bedbug dogs are hard workers while friendly to their masters and to people they come in close contact while they are working.  They need to be trained regularly, maintained to be active in spirits and health, and are frequently reminded of their objectives.  They are precious members of a team deserving of love and respect.  They can execute their task with incredible interest only needing in return the love and affection of their handlers to propel them forward.

The dog’s heightened sense of smell helps them determine the state and condition of an animal just by sniffing its urine markings.  With one drop of urine the dog can learn a great deal of information about the animal’s diet, sex, health, emotion, whether it is superior or inferior, and whether it is a friend or a foe.  Its subliminal tracking abilities can sniff a trail of biochemical residues of dead skin cells, odor molecules and gasses.  For a canine, one smell of an object will project a 3D “odor image” much more elaborate compared to a photograph for humans.  Dogs can even follow scents under snow, in the air, through marsh land, water, and dust or ashes.  In the US, a well trained and certified detection dog is admissible in court as “scientific instrument” (US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals).

bedbug sniffing dog 300x165 Man’s Best Friend Now Commissioned at Sniffing BedbugsMore and more states in the US: like New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia are beginning to recognize and accept the canine method of bedbug detection.  Clients of pest control centers that employ the services of sniffing dogs understand that this is a cost effective method of hunting down bedbugs in homes, hotels, schools, hospitals and many other building facilities to help thwart the epidemic spread of this invasive vermin.

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